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What’s Exciting About the DJI Phantom X?

By December 14, 2015Reviews
DJI Phantom X

For years, filmmakers and videographers have been looking for a cheaper way to take panoramic and aerial shots. Many have thought about using radio-controlled helicopters to achieve this dream, but you have to take into account that the past models of camera equipment were too heavy to be taken to the air. It was only until the development of both tape-less media and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with powerful multi-rotor systems that this dream has come closer to reality.

One of the companies leading the charge for using drones for videography is China-based DJI. The company prides itself in providing a new platform to capture images by harnessing the full-potential of new technologies, including UAVs.

One of the company’s more popular products among videographers and film makers is its Phantom 3 which it touts as a flying camera.  This drone comes equipped with either a 4K camera or 2.7K HD camera. The Phantom 3 can cover distances of over 3.1 miles and relay images back in real time. It can be connected to smart devices and provide a 720p HD view of everything it comes across.  It is also equipped with a Beginner Mode that uses GPS-enabled “geo-fence” so you can fly the drone within a set height and perimeter.  It even comes with some new intelligent flight modes!

DJI has also released an app that is compatible with most of the company’s drones. The app offers several features including a live map and radar, video editor, and sharing and connectivity.  Other notable features include auto-take off, fail safe and auto-return home.

Recently, DJI released a video teaser for its new drone, the DJI Phantom X, which has left videographers and filmmakers giddy with excitement. Although the company has not released full details about the Phantom X yet, the footage released by the company is more than enough to generate excitement in the film making community. Many have touted the Phantom X as the future of aerial cinematography.


Through DJI’s new video, the company showcased some of the new technologies that may come with the Phantom X, including multi-angle shooting, artificial intelligence, free-flight object tracking, obstacle avoidance, follow-me feature and throw-in-the-air activation. It should be noted that the video is just a teaser and until DJI releases further details, the final product version may still be changed.