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The Ultimate Drone for Beginners: The Phantom Drone

By December 9, 2015Reviews
Phantom drone

Are you new to the drone industry and having a difficult time deciding what drone to buy first?  The search could go on forever between reading product reviews, comparing prices, and watching Youtube videos.  Search no more!  The DJI Phantom Standard is the ultimate drone for beginners and I’m going to tell you why!

Why the Phantom 3 Standard?  follow-me_grande

Some people say that starting off with a mini drone is the best way to learn.  I agree to disagree with them.  I can tell you from personal experience that the Phantom is ten times more easy to control and maneuver than any mini drone out there!  Yes the minis are cheap and less risky to crash, but they won’t provide you with high quality photos, fly in a straight path, or be able to take off and land on their own… but the Phantom will do all of those things AND MORE!

If you’re serious about getting into the drone industry and flying then listen to me when I tell you that flying a $20 or even $100 little drone is not even comparable to what a real flying experience should be like.  You are much better investing that money into the low cost but high quality, Phantom 3 Standard, that only cost $799.  If you find a time that DJI is having a special deal (like right now as I’m writing this) you could even get it for as low as $699!  Let me just add that this is an extremely great price that includes a flying camera capable of shooting 12 megapixel photos and 2.7K HD video.   

DJI has developed an even smarter battery for your Phantom drone.  Giving you a longer flight time up to 25 minutes in the air!  Compared to most beginner drones you don’t see many that can even go longer then 10 minutes, and what fun is that?  

The Phantom Drone Features!  

1- Ready to Fly

What’s great for drone newbie’s is that this Phantom drone comes assembled and ready to fly right when you take it out of the box.  All you have to do is simply charge up the battery, twist on the propellers, and you’re ready to soar!  The drone even comes equipped with all of the necessary DJI Phantom accessories, including the battery, propellers, and transmitter.  

Another thing that makes this drone great is the strong dependable signal between your transmitter and drone, giving you the ultimate control.  While in flight if you let your fingers off the control, don’t worry because the drone will hover in place until you direct it to it’s next move.  I can’t say the same for many other beginner or mini drones, if you let go for even the slightest second your UAV will come crashing down.  

2- First Person View

The Phantom standard is considered to be a FPV drone.  Meaning that you can easily fly in first person view, which is great for beginners.  With the DJI Pilot app you can hook up your smartphone or tablet and see exactly what is being seen through the your drone’s camera, making your flight experience a breeze!

With the DJI Pilot app beginners can also practice with the built in flight simulator.  By actually holding the transmitter you can practice controlling your drone with a simulated flight on your smart device!  Allowing you to practice your skills before even taking off.  

3- Intelligent Flight ModesScreen-Shot-2015-09-08-at-8.43.55-AM

In a recent update from DJI, they added five new features to the Phantom drone that makes flying easier than ever before!  The first is point of interest, allowing your drone to automatically fly up and make a perfect circle around any object of your choice.  This is great for when you need a smooth wrap around shot or want to get a 360 view of something.  The next is called way points, with this feature you can set a designated path on your smart device and then your drone will take off, fly the path, and even land automatically without you having to lift a finger.  

Follow me, which is probably my favorite!  With this feature you can have your phantom drone actually follow you and keep the camera fixed on you while you’re performing your favorite activities.  Best part is that you it will follow up without you even having to hold the transmitter!  

The last two include home lock and course lock.  Home lock really comes in handy for new flyers when their still in training.  After you set this, your controls will be fixed to your home point.  For example, you can easily pull back on the control stick and the drone will fly backwards towards you.  Or even pitch it forward and the drone will fly forward, regardless of its true position and even if the drone is facing the opposite way.  Last is lock point, which let’s you fly in a set direction to keep the shots smooth.  This is great when you’re flying next to a moving object or across scenes so that you can focus on the shot and not the flying.  

If you’re a beginner interested in learning how to fly from the best, make sure to check out the Soaring Sky Academy or call 239-333-2447.