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Comparison of FPV Drone Models

By January 23, 2016Reviews
FPV drone

Which FPV Drone is Right For You?

Do you ever wish that you could see through the eyes of a soaring eagle as it effortlessly flies around the sky?  Well now you can!  You have probably heard the term FPV before, especially if you’re really into video games.  For those of you who are new to the drone industry or term I’m going to break it down for you.  FPV or first person view is also known as video piloting.  

The FPV method is used to control a radio controlled vehicle, like a drone, from the pilot’s point of view.  Pretty much you can see everything that the drone can see through the camera mounted on the aircraft.  This technique is super helpful when flying and also really easy to use!  Without an FPV system you just have to watch the drone while it is in the sky to best control it. This can sometimes be difficult when the drone is at high altitudes because you can’t tell which way the aircraft is facing.  There are many different types of drones that use this feature, for right now I’m just going to be focusing on two of the main ones.

Storm Racing Dronesmaxresdefault

For the new and exciting sport of drone racing, getting an FPV drone is a necessity.  This style of FPV is unique because the flyer wears goggles with an antenna coming off the top.  The system streams in real time exactly what is being seen through the front of the drone.  Which can get a little crazy because because sometimes they are racing at speeds up to 100 mph!  Some might feel as if they are a stormtrooper right out of a star wars movie when flying their drone.  

While you are wearing the goggles you also have to be controlling the transmitter and flying the aircraft.  This might not be a favorable choice for drone beginners because you have to move the joysticks without being able to see them.  This FPV style results in such an out-of body experience.  It feels as if you have a bird’s perspective while you’re weaving in and out of trees and zooming around to avoid any obstacles.  

DJI Quadcopters

If you’re going for something a little less extreme, don’t worry because we have an FPV drone for you!  DJI is the leading drone manufacturer and produces some of the best technology on the market, check out other drone reviews and they will say the same.  The FPV view is so simple to use, all you need is your smartphone or tablet to hook up to the transmitter of your Phantom or Inspire 1 DJI Drone.   From their you use the free DJI pilot app that connects to the bluetooth on your aircraft.  Streaming the footage right to your fingertips!  


Now that you are an FPV pro it’s time to get soaring!  Call 239-333-2447 today to learn about our drone training programs.