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DroneDeploy Releases Free iOS App Providing Fast Aerial Data

By February 12, 2016Reviews

Leaders in aerial mapping, Drone Deploy, launched their free iOS app making aerial data available for drone enthusiasts and professionals all over!  

The DroneDeploy app provides key autonomous flight capabilities to help you capture images with ease. Creating high quality interactive maps for analysis, 3D modeling, and more.  

This app is compatible with most of the DJI drones including the Phantom 3 Pro, Phantom 3 Advanced, Inspire 1 and Inspire 1 pro.  It will even work with your new Zenmuse x5 camera. Perfect for hobbyists and professionals across many industries!  


The app has the ability to create interactive maps directly on your iPhone or iPad while you’re in the field.  According to Trevor Hogan of FlyFarm, a small business offering drone imagery services,

“DroneDeploy’s mobile app and map engine are everything a drone pilot could ask for when trying to capitalize on the value and goodness of new drone technology. DroneDeploy can single-handedly empower small businesses providing drone services.”

Two taps is all it takes to get your drone ready for take off.  Simply open the app and outline the area you want to map on the satellite image.  Tap the green check mark when your ready and your drone will do the rest!  When your flight is done and you have the data you need, just upload your photos from your SD card to your DroneDeploy account.  From here you can use a variety of their tools to analyze including  NDVI indices, elevation visualizations, area and volume measurements, and more!


Download your free DroneDeploy app now!