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The Past, Present, and Future of Drone Technology

By November 26, 2015Education
drone technology

Drone Technology Soars

Over the last year it feels like drones have been popping up everywhere .  You see them flying at the parks, hear about them on the news, and even see them in commercials.  The reality is that drone technology has been around for a while and every day they continue to advance even more.

Did you know that the first recorded uses of drones dates all the way back to 1849, when the Austrians launched over 200 pilot-less balloons into the sky in their war efforts against Venice?  You’re probably asking yourself how is a hot air balloon considered a drone?  To get technical the true definition of a drone is any unmanned aircraft that can navigate autonomously beyond human control or beyond your line of sight (so that includes air balloons).  


Drones were originally designed and used for military purposes dating all the way back to the 1800’s.  Nikolia Tesla made a huge leap in the drone industry with his invention of a remote controlled motorboat using radio waves back in 1893.  It’s pretty crazy to think that they had remote controlled equipment all the way back then!  

The United States military worked on developing drone technology for years and in 1917 invented the first automatic airplane.  As the technology continued to advance, so did the industry with the first robotics company founded in 1986.  After decades of drone technology being limited to just the military the commercial side finally started to take off!  They realized that drones could be beneficial to many other industries and started testing wSeattle-Police-Dronesith different applications.  

One of the first commercial flights in the United States was back in 2007.  In Washington they used a drone to help the local police with find a suspect who was running from them.  After seeing how helpful drones could be, more and more people started flying and coming up with new uses.  In the next few years drones began being used for aerial cinematography, photography, and many other drone services, but this was only scratching the surface of the possibilities for drone technology.


Fast forward to January 2013, the year that leading drone manufacturer DJI released their first UAV, the Phantom drone!  From here the commercial drone market started to soar.  With the huge drone boom that started to occur, the government soon realized that these flying aircrafts need to be regulated. The next year in 2014, legislation restricting drone use was proposed in 43 states.  The FAA soon came up with a  procedure to approve companies to fly drones as a service with the 333 exemption.   

A big milestone in the community was made by Pictorvision, the first drone company to ever be approved in September of 2015.  Today, just over a year later, the FAA has approved over 1,800 companies to fly commercially!  With a new drone application and benefit coming out left and right those businesses will be much needed!  

Just to give you an idea of how fast this market has grown, back in 2010 the FAA estimated that by 2020 there would be as many as 15,000 drones flying in the United States.  Today in 2015 more than that number of drones are sold each month!  And that’s only in America, people from all around the globe are flying and becoming enthusiast.   


The possibilities are endless for what is in store for the future of drone technology.  There is a new drone, application, or regulation coming out what seems like every day.  The battery life of drones are getting longer and the technologies are advancing!  I’m sure you have heard about the Amazon Prime Air that they are testing by using drones to deliver packages within 30 minutes or less.  And that is only a glimpse of what drone technology can do!  

There are also plans for the future regulations of drones.  The FAA is planning on having drone regulations finalized by late 2016 or early 2017.  Drone traffic airways are even being developed for the future! I know what your thinking and no there will not be little stop lights floating around in space, but I guess with thousands of drones above us at once they will need to figure something out.  


If you’re not using drone technology in your business yet, then you should start now and lead your industry into the future!  Call us today at 239-333-2447 or click here to find out how Soaring Sky can take your company to the next level.