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How Can Drone Services Save You Both Time and Money

By January 26, 2016Applications
drone services

Check Out Drone Services That Are Being Offered Across Various Industries!

Every day you hear about drones being used for something new!  Whether it be using drones to deliver Burger King whoppers to homeless people or catching students cheating on final exams, the possibilities are endless.  Drone services are becoming increasingly popular in saving companies time and money by providing better solutions with technology.  

Soaring Sky was recently approved by the FAA for the 333 exemption. Without having this approval you can get charged with some serious fines for flying and using drones commercially.  Below is a list of the most popular services with drones but it only scratches the surface of what is possible.  


Drones are saving farmers lots of resources by being able to survey the crops for them.  Technology is so advanced that the aircrafts are attached with sensors that can tell how much water and sunlight the crops are receiving as well as create 3D aerial images of the field to better monitor.  It just blows my mind the type of data and information that it pulls from the drones system.

Another way they can help around the farm is by herding the cattle or animals.  It may sound a little crazy but this technique is actually proven to work and save time.  You can use them on cows, sheep, horses, or even ducks to round them up without you having to chase them yourself.

Mapping and Surveyingdrone deploy distance box image

Use drones on your construction site to track the progress and development.  The software on the vehicle can measure distance, area, and volume the most accurately from the air.  I swear I’m not lying, I know it sounds too good to be true.  This option takes less time and is less risky than current practices.  Instead of having people hanging off sides of buildings, just whip out your handy dandy drone and get the same process done in no time.  

Aerial Cinematography and Photography

By using the video camera on your drone you can create some of the most eye catching footage!  To get these epic aerial shots before, photographers would have to use helicopters to get enough height to capture the shot.  Not only can this be dangerous but it’s extremely expensive and takes a large team to accomplish.  Now using drone photography, you can get even better quality shots, from on the ground.  At Soaring Sky we create unique videos for a range of industries including yachts, real estate, action sports, and more!  Get creative and try adding a new perspective to your work.  

Real EstateDJI_0004_2-sdfg-5

Taking aerial photos of your property or house can really help it give that edge in the market that you need to sell.  Research has shown that high quality photos of homes create 47% higher asking prices per square foot!  That’s more than just a few pennies if you ask me.   Drones are a great tool to help you market the real estate that you are trying to sell by giving an overhead shot of the land and surrounding area.  I would say that real estate is one of the most popular drone services in the industry to date.  

Government Use

There are a few different ways in which the government can be applying drone technologies to be more effective.  The first would be search and rescue, by using drones to find missing people to get to them in hard to reach places.  For example, a drone was recently used to deliver a life jacket to a kid that was stuck in some river currents so that we could swim to shore safely.  

The next use of government drones is patrolling.  This can mean a variety of things such as border, beach, or even traffic patrol that was being researched by the Dutch government and proved to be a success.  A view from above could potentially warn someone of a near by shark!  That’s pretty amazing if you ask me.  RD_04-Raven-Against-Spray_cc

Disaster planning, response, and relief is another way that drones can be helpful.  For example, drones were used after the earthquake struck in Nepal to help locate survivors, deliver supplies and equipment, and perform analysis to better understand some of the damages.  They were even being used to help extinguish fires, which can be done with local fire stations as well to help put out fires from above!  I honestly don’t know why these practices aren’t put into place yet, but keep your eye out for some drones to the rescue!


Inspections are a must needed service but are very risky for humans in most cases.  Drones provide a better solution for energy or oil and gas companies.  Even to inspect hard to reach places like pipelines, the aircraft can use it’s sensors to detect even the slightest issue.  Yes drones have sensors, that means they have feelings too!  This is a main service that is provided here at Soaring Sky because the outcomes are incredible!  


This drone service is one of the most mind blowing.  Drones can actually provide WiFi connections from up in sky, providing internet access to the entire world.  It was estimated that one new WiFi drone cost 100 times less than building traditional towers on the ground!  


Are you interested in any of the drone services above or have something else in mind that a drone could help you with? Give our team a call at 239-333-2447 today!