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DJI Phantom 4 Teaser!

By February 26, 2016Reviews

Return To Your Senses- DJI again has successfully created hype over the teaser video for their new drone!  We have so many questions, as I’m sure do you!  What’s the price?  When is the release date?  Is the camera upgraded?  And so many more…

Our questions will soon be answered on March 1st 2016 as DJI unveils what they have in store for us!  

There is a photo floating around of what people say is the new Phantom 4 (or whatever they decide to call it).  You can tell that the belly of the drone does have a silver plate where it was previously all white and seems to show some new sensors.  Rumors even say there will be a new bottom- facing vision position system.

What do you think will be equipped on DJI’s new Phantom?