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How Can Drone Services Save You Both Time and Money

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Check Out Drone Services That Are Being Offered Across Various Industries!

Every day you hear about drones being used for something new!  Whether it be using drones to deliver Burger King whoppers to homeless people or catching students cheating on final exams, the possibilities are endless.  Drone services are becoming increasingly popular in saving companies time and money by providing better solutions with technology.  

Soaring Sky was recently approved by the FAA for the 333 exemption. Without having this approval you can get charged with some serious fines for flying and using drones commercially.  Below is a list of the most popular services with drones but it only scratches the surface of what is possible.  


Drones are saving farmers lots of resources by being able to survey the crops for them.  Technology is so advanced that the aircrafts are attached with sensors that can tell how much water and sunlight the crops are receiving as well as create 3D aerial images of the field to better monitor.  It just blows my mind the type of data and information that it pulls from the drones system.

Another way they can help around the farm is by herding the cattle or animals.  It may sound a little crazy but this technique is actually proven to work and save time.  You can use them on cows, sheep, horses, or even ducks to round them up without you having to chase them yourself.

Mapping and Surveyingdrone deploy distance box image

Use drones on your construction site to track the progress and development.  The software on the vehicle can measure distance, area, and volume the most accurately from the air.  I swear I’m not lying, I know it sounds too good to be true.  This option takes less time and is less risky than current practices.  Instead of having people hanging off sides of buildings, just whip out your handy dandy drone and get the same process done in no time.  

Aerial Cinematography and Photography

By using the video camera on your drone you can create some of the most eye catching footage!  To get these epic aerial shots before, photographers would have to use helicopters to get enough height to capture the shot.  Not only can this be dangerous but it’s extremely expensive and takes a large team to accomplish.  Now using drone photography, you can get even better quality shots, from on the ground.  At Soaring Sky we create unique videos for a range of industries including yachts, real estate, action sports, and more!  Get creative and try adding a new perspective to your work.  

Real EstateDJI_0004_2-sdfg-5

Taking aerial photos of your property or house can really help it give that edge in the market that you need to sell.  Research has shown that high quality photos of homes create 47% higher asking prices per square foot!  That’s more than just a few pennies if you ask me.   Drones are a great tool to help you market the real estate that you are trying to sell by giving an overhead shot of the land and surrounding area.  I would say that real estate is one of the most popular drone services in the industry to date.  

Government Use

There are a few different ways in which the government can be applying drone technologies to be more effective.  The first would be search and rescue, by using drones to find missing people to get to them in hard to reach places.  For example, a drone was recently used to deliver a life jacket to a kid that was stuck in some river currents so that we could swim to shore safely.  

The next use of government drones is patrolling.  This can mean a variety of things such as border, beach, or even traffic patrol that was being researched by the Dutch government and proved to be a success.  A view from above could potentially warn someone of a near by shark!  That’s pretty amazing if you ask me.  RD_04-Raven-Against-Spray_cc

Disaster planning, response, and relief is another way that drones can be helpful.  For example, drones were used after the earthquake struck in Nepal to help locate survivors, deliver supplies and equipment, and perform analysis to better understand some of the damages.  They were even being used to help extinguish fires, which can be done with local fire stations as well to help put out fires from above!  I honestly don’t know why these practices aren’t put into place yet, but keep your eye out for some drones to the rescue!


Inspections are a must needed service but are very risky for humans in most cases.  Drones provide a better solution for energy or oil and gas companies.  Even to inspect hard to reach places like pipelines, the aircraft can use it’s sensors to detect even the slightest issue.  Yes drones have sensors, that means they have feelings too!  This is a main service that is provided here at Soaring Sky because the outcomes are incredible!  


This drone service is one of the most mind blowing.  Drones can actually provide WiFi connections from up in sky, providing internet access to the entire world.  It was estimated that one new WiFi drone cost 100 times less than building traditional towers on the ground!  


Are you interested in any of the drone services above or have something else in mind that a drone could help you with? Give our team a call at 239-333-2447 today! 


Beyond Commercial Services: How Are Drones Being Used for Good

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Initially developed and used for military applications, drones have found their way into civilian use including commercial services like real estate, aerial photography, maritime application, drones in construction monitoring and more.

But apart from military and commercial applications, many experts have introduced drones to a few key areas which caCommercial Services n lead to the benefit of countless people.

Search and Rescue

A drone can be fitted with a video camera and an infrared thermal imaging system that can upgrade its
capabilities for search and rescue. Because of their mobility, they can get into areas which may not be accessible to rescue personnel and their equipment.

These same capabilities can also be used for the prompt delivery of much-needed medications and supplies in remote areas. During search missions, drones can complement personnel and K9 units, reaching terrains that are difficult to get into with great ease.

Weather Forecasting

Although meteorologists have a wide arsenal of technologies at their disposal when it comes to predicting the weather, when it comes to accuracy, there are still several gaps that need to be filled in.

One invaluable tool that can be used to fill in those gaps are drones. On one hand, satellites can provide a wider overview of the pattern and movements of storms. However, this technology is still limited in its capacity to give people warning. A drone can give people in affected areas ample opportunity to evacuate and make the necessary preparations by extending warnings from 20 minutes to an hour.

Unlike conventional tools like weather balloons, drones are sturdy enough for use in research missions, including flying in the middle of a storm.

Today, weather drones are being used by meteorologists to collect different types of information including wind velocities, temperature, pressure and humidity—information that cannot be easily collected using conventional tools.

Wildlife Conservation12189888_526662874165758_6448835192038215590_n

Animal conservation groups are now using drones for different applications. By fitting drones with cameras, conservationists can monitor animal populations, especially those of endangered species, and ward off poachers.

Drones may also be used to take photos of animals and collect valuable data which may not be possible with conventional tools. They are now also being used to get an accurate headcount of a species’ population, acting as a viable alternative to fixed-wing aircraft’s.

Drones also enable conservationists to get a bird’s eye view of an area, allowing them to assess the impact of the environment on an animal population.

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drone racing

Why You Should Get Into Drone Racing

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Experience the Growing Sport of Drone Racing

Flying an aircraft is exhilarating. That exhilaration is magnified tenfold when the aircraft happens to be no bigger than your face—and you’re controlling that aircraft from a safe distance while it makes its way past several houses, into the woods, over lakes, and any other place you might fancy navigating.

Add the amazing features of autonomous operation, load carrying, and first-person view racing to the equation, and you have the fascinating world of drones.

High-Tech Racing
A drone is different from an RC (remote-controlled) plane in that it can fly independent of external control. It can also carry a load, which is why the technology is being used by some businesses as a unique way to make deliveries to customers. Initially used for military operations, drones are now slowly becoming mainstream as drone enthusiasts get into the habit-forming world of racing.

Races for drones are usually done in warehouses and parking lots. Some races also occur in open fields and wooded areas with mini ravines, sharp turns, and plenty of trees to challenge the racer’s skills. What may have sprouted as a hobby has now grown into a fledgling sport, with organizations turning up, from the US to the UK. A big part of the allure may have something to with first-person view goggles.

FPV goggles make it possible for racers and spectators to see the view of the drone’s front-facing camera as the unmanned aircraft soars through the course. The experience combines virtual reality with video gaming. The immersive experience is riveting both for the racer and the spectator.


What Goes On
Winners don’t get a trophy or anything of the sort; they do get bragging rights—and the thrill of conquering a course without crashing. In most races, be it in abandoned warehouses or on the open fields, you will see a group of men sitting on picnic chairs, wearing goggles with antennas sticking out; you’ll also see some working on their drones after it’s crashed into the ground or into a tree.

The racecourses are usually cordoned off and sections are dedicated to pilots and spectators. Some races will have monitors that broadcast views from a drone’s camera so if you don’t have goggles, you can still get in on the action.

This race is in its infancy but it is a growing sport across the globe. The first national race for drones is taking place in the US where you don’t just get bragging rights—you also have an opportunity to nab $25,000. For races like this, competitors invest in two or more drones.

From military operation to commercial services (and now to a competitive sport), drones are both useful and fun. Get one today and get in on racing drones.

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4 Reasons Why You Need to Buy a Drone Today!

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As a kid you dreamed of being a superhero, flying around in the sky getting a bird’s eye view of everything below.  Hate to break it to you that is never going to happen, but buying a drone maybe the next best thing.  Sure it’s cool to fly around some robot looking vehicle up to 400 feet in the sky, but there’s a list of advantages beyond just that.  

#1- A View Like No Other15124784795_e132e1c9e4_b

There are so many advantages you receive when you buy a drone but the thing that I love most is the new perspective.  Whether it be filming the bride walking down the aisle or filming the concert from the best seat in the house, drone footage can offer you a view like never before!  This is really great for any special events coming up or a family vacation.  Just fly up with your new best friend and you’re able to get everything that you want in the frame.  If you haven’t taken a dronie yet, then you’re behind because selfies are so last year.  

#2- Less Risky

Using drones to complete services greatly takes the risk off of humans.  I’m sure you would much rather have a drone crash versus having someone be in danger.  From construction, surveying, photography, search and rescue, the list goes on and on.  There are many bizarre uses that people have come up with for there personal drones.  From using drones as running buddies to herding the cattle on your farm, it’s all been done.  I’ve even seen one parent even send a drone to follow their daughter to the bus stop so she didn’t have to walk alone.  

In the past, to get aerial photos people used helicopters.  Not only is this extremely costly, but every time someone in the air it is putting another life at risk.  Why not just buy a drone and send up a camera on wings?  Sounds like the perfect solution to me!  

#3- Ease Of Use

One of the best things about drones is that pretty much anyone can fly one!  You don’t need any photography or technology experience to be able to fly.  Most drones for sale, like the Phantom 3, come ready to fly.  This means that the UAV is already set up, you pretty much just need to charge up the battery and you’re ready to fly.  Of course we do recommend reading the manual first and going through UAV pilot training, but there is no heavy setup or maintenance required for new drone owners.

Feeling a little lazy and don’t want to control the drone?  No problem, with some drones you can set up a pre-determined flight path.  The drone will then take off, follow the path, and land all by itself without making you lift a finger.  It really doesn’t get much easier than this!  

#4- High Quality for Low Pricedji-phantom-3-capture-4k-aerial-footage-easier-than-ever-before_0

When looking at the of prices at a drone store, you may think that the price is a little high.  When looking deeper into all the features of what is included your drone it really is a steal!  For example, you can get the Phantom 3 Professional for $1,259.  That includes a 4K camera shooting at 12 megapixel.  If your looking to buy a regular camera with those features it will at least be $1,000 but sometimes even doubling!  A drone is around the same price, or cheaper, but also can fly up to reach views like never before.  

Whether you’re a business owner, world traveler, or just looking to have some fun, buying a drone should be in your future.  The advantages to having flight at your fingertips will always be worth it. 


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