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4 Reasons Why You Need to Buy a Drone Today!

By October 10, 2015Applications
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As a kid you dreamed of being a superhero, flying around in the sky getting a bird’s eye view of everything below.  Hate to break it to you that is never going to happen, but buying a drone maybe the next best thing.  Sure it’s cool to fly around some robot looking vehicle up to 400 feet in the sky, but there’s a list of advantages beyond just that.  

#1- A View Like No Other15124784795_e132e1c9e4_b

There are so many advantages you receive when you buy a drone but the thing that I love most is the new perspective.  Whether it be filming the bride walking down the aisle or filming the concert from the best seat in the house, drone footage can offer you a view like never before!  This is really great for any special events coming up or a family vacation.  Just fly up with your new best friend and you’re able to get everything that you want in the frame.  If you haven’t taken a dronie yet, then you’re behind because selfies are so last year.  

#2- Less Risky

Using drones to complete services greatly takes the risk off of humans.  I’m sure you would much rather have a drone crash versus having someone be in danger.  From construction, surveying, photography, search and rescue, the list goes on and on.  There are many bizarre uses that people have come up with for there personal drones.  From using drones as running buddies to herding the cattle on your farm, it’s all been done.  I’ve even seen one parent even send a drone to follow their daughter to the bus stop so she didn’t have to walk alone.  

In the past, to get aerial photos people used helicopters.  Not only is this extremely costly, but every time someone in the air it is putting another life at risk.  Why not just buy a drone and send up a camera on wings?  Sounds like the perfect solution to me!  

#3- Ease Of Use

One of the best things about drones is that pretty much anyone can fly one!  You don’t need any photography or technology experience to be able to fly.  Most drones for sale, like the Phantom 3, come ready to fly.  This means that the UAV is already set up, you pretty much just need to charge up the battery and you’re ready to fly.  Of course we do recommend reading the manual first and going through UAV pilot training, but there is no heavy setup or maintenance required for new drone owners.

Feeling a little lazy and don’t want to control the drone?  No problem, with some drones you can set up a pre-determined flight path.  The drone will then take off, follow the path, and land all by itself without making you lift a finger.  It really doesn’t get much easier than this!  

#4- High Quality for Low Pricedji-phantom-3-capture-4k-aerial-footage-easier-than-ever-before_0

When looking at the of prices at a drone store, you may think that the price is a little high.  When looking deeper into all the features of what is included your drone it really is a steal!  For example, you can get the Phantom 3 Professional for $1,259.  That includes a 4K camera shooting at 12 megapixel.  If your looking to buy a regular camera with those features it will at least be $1,000 but sometimes even doubling!  A drone is around the same price, or cheaper, but also can fly up to reach views like never before.  

Whether you’re a business owner, world traveler, or just looking to have some fun, buying a drone should be in your future.  The advantages to having flight at your fingertips will always be worth it. 


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