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Beyond Commercial Services: How Are Drones Being Used for Good

By December 14, 2015Applications

Initially developed and used for military applications, drones have found their way into civilian use including commercial services like real estate, aerial photography, maritime application, drones in construction monitoring and more.

But apart from military and commercial applications, many experts have introduced drones to a few key areas which caCommercial Services n lead to the benefit of countless people.

Search and Rescue

A drone can be fitted with a video camera and an infrared thermal imaging system that can upgrade its
capabilities for search and rescue. Because of their mobility, they can get into areas which may not be accessible to rescue personnel and their equipment.

These same capabilities can also be used for the prompt delivery of much-needed medications and supplies in remote areas. During search missions, drones can complement personnel and K9 units, reaching terrains that are difficult to get into with great ease.

Weather Forecasting

Although meteorologists have a wide arsenal of technologies at their disposal when it comes to predicting the weather, when it comes to accuracy, there are still several gaps that need to be filled in.

One invaluable tool that can be used to fill in those gaps are drones. On one hand, satellites can provide a wider overview of the pattern and movements of storms. However, this technology is still limited in its capacity to give people warning. A drone can give people in affected areas ample opportunity to evacuate and make the necessary preparations by extending warnings from 20 minutes to an hour.

Unlike conventional tools like weather balloons, drones are sturdy enough for use in research missions, including flying in the middle of a storm.

Today, weather drones are being used by meteorologists to collect different types of information including wind velocities, temperature, pressure and humidity—information that cannot be easily collected using conventional tools.

Wildlife Conservation12189888_526662874165758_6448835192038215590_n

Animal conservation groups are now using drones for different applications. By fitting drones with cameras, conservationists can monitor animal populations, especially those of endangered species, and ward off poachers.

Drones may also be used to take photos of animals and collect valuable data which may not be possible with conventional tools. They are now also being used to get an accurate headcount of a species’ population, acting as a viable alternative to fixed-wing aircraft’s.

Drones also enable conservationists to get a bird’s eye view of an area, allowing them to assess the impact of the environment on an animal population.

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