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Education Kit

Soaring Sky has developed a complete STEAM based Drone Kit that offers a turn key solution for both accredited academic and non profit institutions looking to integrate drone technology into the classroom.   Our goal is to educate and create future leaders for the commercial drone industry. LEARN MORE

After School Program

At Soaring Sky Academy, we aim to inspire the next generation of leaders in the drone industry.  Our After School Program challenges students to learn and grow as they gain industry knowledge and expertise.  LEARN MORE


“This is my first semester using the Soaring Sky Middle School Drone Education program. As a novice in the drone world, I was concerned with the time and learning curve involved in a new technology curriculum. I have found the material to be easy to navigate and modify. STEM applications are in all of the lessons and the fact that the students get to build their drone is a huge factor educationally. The student interest is high and relevant to their futures. The fact that the material touches so many aspects of a sometimes controversial technology is great education for our students.”

Karen CowellCastaic Middle School

"Seeing how this technology is growing exponentially it is important to reach out into the classrooms and give students a hands on experience in rigorous learning. STEM based investigations with drones not only will create a classroom of engagement, but also a career readiness opportunity into a new and thriving market. I think that this curriculum is built in a way that will challenge, grow, prepare, and guide students toward a future of success..."

Stefan KohlerCEO Kickboard Learning

“Working with Soaring Sky was an awesome experience for my students. We were the pilot class, but it felt like they had done this a million times! The expertise the provided put me at ease as I taught Drone Technology for the first time. The curriculum Soaring Sky has come up with is truly amazing. It is rigorous, highly engaging, and fun for students of many ages. This set of curriculum was clearly not an after-thought, they clearly set out to build something complete and easy to follow. It is evident that they had someone on their team with a lot of teaching experience because the lessons just work, and the kids don’t even notice how much they are learning! There is even built-in differentiation for both ends of the spectrum! I was so happy I took the scary leap of bringing drones into my classroom!”

Adam PrawitzOasis High School

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